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Oriens Travel & Hotel Management would like to extend to you a warm welcome to our new corporate blog.  This forum will be used to communicate with our shareholders, our business associates, and the world at large, and will be updated regularly.  Please visit often, we look forward to staying in touch with you.

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OTHM Shareholders Change is Here!

Hola Shareholders of OTHM,

Take it or leave it, change has finally come.

My name is Melvin Pereira. I am the Principal of E-Network de Costa Rica M & A Sociedad Anomima (aka E-Net), and now, I am the elected President & Chief Operating Officer of Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp.

I am a listener by nature, and usually a man of few words… but not today. I would like to begin by being very candid. Running a micro-cap, non-reporting, pink sheet sub-penny stock company, is not what I wake up on any given day, aspiring to do with my life. My limited knowledge of the public markets leads me to feel that this place is like a circus vs. a place for serious investors, who mean to be part of a serious developing company. However, in all fairness to Shareholders, how can serious investors commit to a company for the long term, when so many of the CEO’s in this area are the ring masters of the most elaborate shows on earth! The fact is, I do not have time for the show. As they say, not my circus not my monkeys!

Over the next six months, I intend to:

  • Complete the merger of E-Net and Oriens;
  • Integrate our current assets into Oriens;
  • Complete any viable open acquisitions Oriens began;
  • Raise additional capital;
  • Look to add one or two additional properties to the real estate portfolio before year-end;
  • Rename, rebrand, restructure and reposition the Company;
  • Complete the audit with a view to up-list to a higher exchange;
  • Re-launch the retooled version of the FROL online booking engine;
  • Re-launch the HotelPure brand under new image and business model; and,
  • Begin creating a comprehensive GDS packaging system to make this Company a viable candidate for possible partnerships with airlines and hotel chains.

Most important, I will do my very best to clear away the stench this Company reeks of the so called “stinky pinky.”

To do this, we must first quickly address blatant disparages against myself and the Company.

  1. E-Net was founded in 2003. Anyone who says different either cannot read, or is intentionally attempting to scare and mislead the public.
  1. Ken Chua’s legal issues in Canada are very real. He has been fined and CAN NOT be associated with public securities at any level for six (6) years in Canada. “CANADA,” not the United States. The bans placed on him by the British Columbia Securities Commission are not independently enforceable by the BCSC in the United States. Anyone who says different either cannot read, or is intentionally attempting to scare and mislead the public.

However, Mr. Chua will have no executive control over Oriens whatsoever.

  1. Ken Chua is no longer an officer or director of the Company.   Anyone who says different either cannot read, or is intentionally attempting to scare and mislead the public.

He is and will always be the founder of whose vision we are building upon, evolving  and will continuously grow.

  1. The cease trade order against Oriens is an order currently relegated primarily to Canada; preventing BC citizens from trading Oriens, and, Oriens BC executives from trading within Canada. This cease trade order is not an established protocol by any U.S. Securities governing body causing any type of prevention amongst U.S. residents from trading Oriens within the United States. Anyone who says different either cannot read, or is intentionally attempting to scare and mislead the public.
  1. The Board of Directors and executive staff is now 90% different than it was just three weeks ago. Three Board members were either removed and/or resigned. I will step on to the Board of Directors. I will look to nominate a new board member and look to hire a very well-known and polished person to act as “Advisor to the Board.”   The same people are not running the Company any longer.   Anyone who says different either cannot read, or is intentionally attempting to scare and mislead the public.
  1. Lastly, and most important, it is no secret that I have known Ken Chua for years. It is no secret that I know Pat Hundley for years.   There is no secret that I know some of the most intimate details of the past decade of my Country’s real estate history… the players; the bad guys, the good guys. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know this to be true. However, this is why I’m not only the right man for the job, but the man who is here to get the job done.

Shareholders of Oriens, believe me, I’m not living in a fantasy land. I know that I have a long and grueling road ahead of me. I know there will be haters and bashers. I can care less about that because there will always be good times and bad times at even the best run and profitable companies. During the next three years of our growth, there will be some triumphant successes… and let’s face it, a few miserable failures.

Listen, I’m not impervious to loss, but I am driven for success. I’m not cocky, just confident and refuse to be intimidated.

While I chose this venue to cover some of the B.S. brought to my attention from the boards, going forward, I will only deal with real issues head on. All unmerited crap lead by school yard bullies hiding behind fake names and identities will be disregarded. Only real shareholders, with real concerns – good or bad – will have my personal attention, or the attention of my team.

We will make this Company, Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp., a real success by doing one thing and one thing only… remaining focused.

Why? Because failure is not an option!

How will we do it?

We will first deliver assets. Purchase new assets.   Restructure this senseless and unbelievable outstanding debt. Change the name of the Company, rebrand it, improve its image and reputation and reposition it in the market place. Let there be no mistake, there will be a complete restructuring of the Company’s capitalization table to properly support the value of real assets, true revenue and the proper elimination of debt. One would be naively foolish to believe that the value Oriens is about to receive could be accomplished without such an adjustment. However, in my book, No One Gets Left Behind!

This means no Shareholder is going to be reversed out and discarded as if they do not matter. There will definitely be new controls going forward to limit needless and non-beneficial dilution.

This is a new day. I am not my predecessor. I am not your average serial CEO who has to milk the Company to survive. I’m here to do the same as you… make good use of the public markets and build a lasting legacy of prosperity.

Shareholders of OTHM, I very much look forward to working my ass off to bring this Company to the next level with your help. I will do what I can to deliver maximum value and confidence to each of you.

Thank you for your support, and I certainly look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at our upcoming shareholder event.


Adios Y Muchas Gracias





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With the resignation a New Beginning…

a new beginningNight turns into day…and as uniquely different as that is, that is the best way to describe the differences of Mr. Ken Chua and Mr. Melvin Pereira.

Below you will see the Letter of Resignation from Mr. Ken Chua. Mr. Chua was an invaluable asset for Oriens Travel and Hotel Management Corp.; especially in the founding, and developing of the initial ideas that would fuel the company’s ambition. But as the Oriens evolved, his tenure had to come to an end.

So we have a New Beginning…. And Night has now turned into Day.

We thank Mr. Ken Chua for his dedication and support over the years.

Letter of Resignation - Public Release - Ken Chua 9-8-14

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International Hospitality Company Oriens Announces New CEO

(eTeligis.com Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) LAS VEGAS, NV, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 09/23/2014 – – Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (OTC Pink: OTHM) (PINKSHEETS:OTHM), the Next Generation International Hotel Brand Operator, announced today that the Company has named Mr. Melvin Pereira as its new Chief Executive Officer, President & Director.

As a result of the Company accepting a “Plan of Merger” during a special meeting of the Board of Directors, on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014; the nomination of Melvin Pereira was also made. This nomination was set in conjunction with a proposed merger with the Costa Rican entity, E-Network de Costa Rica M & A SociedadAnomima (“E-Net”), of which Mr. Pereira is the principal.

“Mr. Pereira’s acceptance of the Board’s nomination signifies a major turning point for Oriens,” commented a senior Board Member. “Shareholders are long overdue for something this positive to happen at the Company. Under Mr. Pereira’s direction, we expect that pending acquisitions will find immediate closure, proposed transactions will be rapidly moved along to fruition with the Company’s overall business plan finally being properly evolved and executed.” “Mr. Pereira is an aggressive, no nonsense, hands-on perfectionist who leads by example and demands a high level of performance. This Board and this Company will be all the better and excel under Mr. Pereira’s leadership,” concluded a senior Board Member.

About Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp.

(www.orienscorp.com) (OTC Pink: OTHM) (PINKSHEETS:OTHM) engages in the operation of hotels and resorts primarily in the United States and Central America under the Hotel PURE brand. The company also operates Friendly Reservations Online, a proprietary and sophisticated online booking system designed to execute reservations capture through Hotel PURE consumer facing websites, as well as individual hotel websites operated by Oriens on behalf of hotels branded under the Hotel PURE brand. Oriens is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Safe HarborStatements in this news release that are not historical facts, including statements about plans and expectations regarding products and opportunities, demand and acceptance of new or existing products, capital resources and future financial results are forward-looking. Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties which may cause the Company’s actual results in future periods to differ materially from those expressed. These uncertainties and risks include changing consumer preferences, lack of success of new products, loss of the Company’s customers, competition and other factors discussed from time to time in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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CONTACT: Team Oriens IR Div.(702) 483-0318

SOURCE: Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp Copyright Eteligis Inc. 2014.

All rights reserved.

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