Prepare for the Positive Transformation of OTHM


Dear Shareholders and Supporters of Oriens,

Prepare for the transformation of OTHM.

That’s right!

Management has indeed executed an LOI with Hundley Associates concerning the merger/acquisition.  We will lay out the details of this marriage as such permission is granted to do so.   This is a very exciting time as the opportunities that could possibly emerge from this relationship will surely have an amazingly positive impact on OTHM.

We greatly thank you all for your continued support and look forward to the day where each of our loyal shareholders can truly see the fruit of their commitment to Oriens.

Sincerely, Team Oriens

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About orienshotelpure

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp (OTHM) – the Next Generation International Hotel Brand Operator ( – manages the international boutique hotel brand, Hotel PURE™ ( Oriens provides ONE STOP SHOP solutions (OSS) to hotels and resorts. Oriens, through it’s Hotel PURE™ brand, builds a hotel’s individual identity, provides a world wide web presence along with proprietary real time Online Central Reservations System, Property Management System (PMS), Integrated GDS distribution System, Hotel Daily Revenue / Yield Management, Physical Day to Day Hotel Management Services and design consultations.
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2 Responses to Prepare for the Positive Transformation of OTHM

  1. Bill Schultz says:

    This is unbelievably great news! Please release a PR about this news ASAP so the world can see it!

  2. Robert says:

    This is deserving for a major PR. Please Monday AM pr this let the whole World Know!!!

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