Shareholder Letters & Updates

In an effort to improve corporate relations, build shareholder confidence and establish greater transparency, we will embark upon significant communications effort which will include series of shareholder letters/addresses that will be shared on this blog.

1) Business Operations, Inquires & Exciting Endeavors

2) Matters of Transparency and Confidence


32 Responses to Shareholder Letters & Updates

  1. Jason Rigdon says:

    I was wanting to know is it possible that when you get your FROL System appraised that you may be able to get $500,000,000 for it, I beleive that is very possible after I read that other hotel operaters got a big payout and I do thank you for those emails and updated I appreciate that. I was also wanting to kbow if it is possible if you could start paying monthly dividends on your stock like $0.005 per share turning those shares into a monthly income vehicle for long term holders.

    • Mr. Rigdon,

      We have no idea what the value of the FROL System is. Nonetheless, we strongly believe it is of some decent value today, but, will certainly be of substantial value ‘tomorrow’ as we grow FROL’s functionality, applications and demographic exposure.

      As it regards paying monthly dividends, Oriens is in no position to begin doing so at this time. We believe however, one day within the next 36 months, we should be.

      As always Mr. Rigdon, thank you for your comments and questions.

      Team Oriens

  2. Jason Rigdon says:

    Okay, I have another one for you. This is reguarding short shares. I was thinking of other companies that had short shares for issuance and I can think of this one that traded at $48.00 then many shareholders decided to sell short and then that company tanked down to $20 this is what I am worried about. You know how if a shareholder sells short and the stock goes down in value they make money. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to discontinue your short shares program aand make it to where shareholders can only buy regular shares and when the value of your company goes up and they decide to sell then they will make money it is just that I beleive your company will loose more money if you continue with short shares. I would rather see a steady rise in value over time in your share price I am sick of see bid $0.0009 offered at $0.0010 I want to see bid $3.00 offered at $3.02. I also saw something on this website called otc news magazine about your plans and saw that if this merger goes through that you may spinout your FROL system which means that, that part of your company will be separated from Oriens Hotel and Management. Does this mean that all shareholders of record will receive and I am saying this as an example. 1 share of the FROL system for every 10 shares of Oriens Hotel and Management that a current shareholder owns at an initial public offering and starting price of $10.00 .And if your FROL system is separated how will Oriens be able to bring up the share price of the current stock since the FROL system will be separated? Will it be that Oriens will have separate incomming revenues next to the FROL system? I also saw on that other website that when the merger is complete it could place the value of Oriens Hotel and Management in the 1 billion dollar range now if this is true this would be awesome. I also saw that it would put a value on this companies stock on a per share basis. I am hoping for the best after all that money I sank in the market over the years I hope that this colorful gleaming glittering diamond in the sun pays off soon.

    • Mr. Rigdon,

      Just so that there is no confusion, we do not speak to the Stock as it regards volume, price and/or targets. Further, Oriens doesn’t have a “Short Shares Program.” We are not even entirely sure that a public company can even engage in such an activity; especially one like ours where we have not registered any shares.

      As it regards your spin out question, generally speaking, the ideal situation is that shareholders in the parent company end up with shares in the “spun-out” entity.

      As it regards pending opportunities being explored, while we can in no way suggest a value of $1 Billion Dollars, should we be successful with the model contemplated, substantially increased values are indeed anticipated.

      As always Mr. Rigdon, we appreciate your writing in and hope to continue receiving your support.

      Team Oriens

  3. Jason Rigdon says:

    I felt that I yes definitaly got to write to you again I want to tell you why I felt the way I did before. I held other stocks over several years that went all the way down in value some of them went bankrupt and some of them got revoked by the sec. I have lost thousands of dollars over the years and many times thought to myself one of these stocks have got to pay me back because I feel that I can not go on in life until I get all of the money back that I lost over the years back. I feel that there is a gigantic weight the size of jupiter on top of me and that I am deep under the ocean with no way out or that I am 3,000 feet deep in a undiscovered cave that is dark with no way back to the surface. There is one very important thing I think your company should consider. You know how you currently have a total of 223,500,000 shares issued and outstanding. Then you said earlier that you upped your total available authorized shares to 2 billion I beleive that was a mistake I beleive that you should drop the total authorized shares back down to 300,000,000 because I have seen to many companies fail with an over exceeding shares amount and those companies do not even make enough revenues to back those shares up. If you keep the shares going to high us shareholders will never see $1.00 or better per share. I beleive if you do not drop the authorized shares available back down to 300,000,000 your company will never go up in value. If you do decide not to commit economic suicide and drop the auhorized shares down that you can keep the current shares outstanding whole and not do a reverse split I myself do not want to see a reverse split. What I want to see is these share at least hit a dollar when you finally uplist your company and complete the aquistion merger. I was also thinking could you at least bring all of the current shares outstandings value back to at least a stable $0.03 per share without dropping below that amount until this merger is complete? I was also thinking that it might help your company further if you for now drop the authorized shares down and then sometime in the future as your revenues increase and your company stands to create higher revenues the slowly uptick your authorized issuable shares availabe in increments. My examples of this are when your company reaches a stable $2.00 a share then raise the issuable shares to 350,000,000 and when your company reaches a stable $4.00 a share then you can bring the total authorized issuable shares to 400,000,000. I also thought if you did it like that issue shares at higher prices over time it would bring in more money for your company. I see that you are working very hard and that you are a trustworthy company and that I know eventually I will see those higher prices that I am looking for however, if I had to put a value on what I beleive each of the current outstanding shares were worth. I would say that they are worth at least $1.00 based on the fact that you have a very positive bussiness and that I beleive in you and the things that you do I guess I will set back hold onto my shares and see what this fine jewel can do.

    • Mr. Rigdon,

      You bring up some interesting points and ideas; all to be taken into consideration by management.

      If we may say, unfortunately, the inherent ‘play’ of the marketplace makes it almost impossible for us all to get what we want to see when we wish to see it. However, you bring something true into view. We are a real, hard working and trust worthy company and that makes all of the difference in a long-term investment. Let’s face it. Some of the conditions we are subjected to are part of the system that has been set for struggling and developing Nano-Cap/Micro-Cap companies. In some respects, it almost seems like a system ultimately intended to see companies fail; where only the strong and diligent survive. Oriens is strong and diligent Mr. Rigdon… well, at least we’d like to believe such. We have made many financial sacrifices along the way but do believe the payoff is coming into view.

      Again, you bring up some good points and it will not fall on death ears as it regards our longer term efforts.

      Thank you very much for your time, consideration and ongoing support.

      Team Oriens

  4. Jason Rigdon says:

    I hope this is not another one of those fly by night disapointing stocks that say they are going to have a block buster high end merger and three years from now your stock value never goes back where we want it to go. I know now that you do not see to want to answer my letters it does seem kind of odd that the last letter you answered was 3 months ago. Let me tell you if there is really going to be a merger and since your company is supposedly poised to make a billion dollars or more in the next few years I beleive that it would be in the best interests to all of your current shareholders to go ahead and buyout all of the outstandung shares of your company at post merger prices of $ 1.00- $5.00 per share I beleive that is the most fairest thing you can do. I beleive by doing this taking your company private instead of uplisting to a higher exchange would also be more beneficial to your company and in this way your company would be able to keep all of the future profits and split them between yourselves. That would mean in the future you would not have to worry about paying shareholders anymore it would already be done. I also find it kind of odd that your company has no new press realeases. It is kinda anoying that you seem to have stopped putting out any new press realeases

    • Mr. Rigdon,

      First, thank you for your ongoing support. We do expect to have a block buster ‘Business,’ period. We work diligently every day and firmly believe that focus will soon come into view for all of our shareholders. Also, you do have a smashing idea (re: the buyback), but at this point it would not be an appropriate use of funds. At this point, we will stay the course and look to explore and seize those opportunities that will likely bring us as shareholders the greatest value.

      As it relates to press…, what would you like us to say? Perhaps make things up? Mr. Rigdon, we certainly wish it was more appreciated by shareholders that we only put out news when there is news to put out. Otherwise, we are simply working to generate those headlines that show progress. Nonetheless, we will look to economically release non-substantive updates via the local news wires.

      All said, we are very grateful for your even taking the time to lodge a complaint/comment with us. We certainly aspire to do right by all shareholders… especially those like you, who care.

      Team Oriens

      • Stephen says:

        Ken et. al.,

        First, thank you for your initiative of increasing Investor Relations and communications.

        As it relates to future developments, I am very excited about what you are doing and where we are heading.

        One reservation I have however, is regarding the current Authorized Shares, which increased 10-fold at the beginning of 2013, to 2 billion from 200 million. This has had a direct negative effect on the share price (PPS) during the course of the current year.

        I would like to express my concern that you are not considering a reverse split as part of your efforts to increase shareholder value. This would be detrimental as it would increase PPS, but decrease shares held by current investors. I have been through this already.

      • Mr. Ponter,

        Your point is well taken. Unfortunately, as with most industries, there is a behind the scenes bureaucratic game that must be played to win. 2 Billion shares is not our choice number. We hope to address that at some point.

        Reversing is also not our bag. However, with any merger/acquisition that is ‘unequal’ and without significant cash payment, the reverse method is almost the only method. Yet, with that said, this in no way implies that we will initiate an unwarranted reverse. In other words, we will not purposely indulge the game of mega dilution only then to reverse without care for our long-term supporters (like yourself). But we will look to create an opportunity valuable enough that should a reverse be needed, it will be done responsibly and with shareholder support.

        We do not wish to drag you through another hell Mr. Ponter… only to do what is appropriate and beneficial to us all.

        As always, thank you for your support.

        Team Oriens

  5. Jason says:

    I have a question, why are you dumping shares and saying you are not? Your shares price continues to decline after your PR of good news. Usually means a non-reporting company is dumping shares to line their pockets. Makes your company look very shady with whats going on right now. Us shareholders are supporting you by buying your shares and your making them worth less at the moment. Please explain why?

    • Jason,

      You are right! Even after such good news, our share price has declined.

      It is disheartening and frustrating. But we cannot speak to market activity with any authority. However, as it pertains to our “dumping” shares… particularly to line our pockets, with all due respect Jason, you are wildly mistaken.

      1st) Oriens doesn’t have any registered shares to sell. Therefore, we have no free trading shares to dump.

      2ND) Oriens hasn’t actively sought any significant raises, so no shares have been issued in relation to any raises by the company.

      Jason…, we do not wish to look shady. Unfortunately, we are grinding in the most difficult, manipulated and possibly the most unjust market of all the public platforms. We certainly wish the market would have reacted more favorably. But we have many more accomplishments [pending] that we expect to come to fruition soon. We can only hope that we all (management and shareholders) see greater benefits from our efforts in the upcoming future.

      Jason, thank you very much for writing in. We appreciate your continued support. We aspire to see your frustrations eased.

      Team Oriens.

      • Jason says:

        So you say no dilution of shares or adding shares to the pool but since your response your SP has now hit a 52 week low and down 50%. You cannot possibly tell me you are not selling shares into the market at this time unless you can show me some proof you are not.

      • Jason,

        The proof is simply embedded in the rules of how a public company can raise money; particularly a non-reporting pink sheet company with a yield sign. Now…, we have not sold any restricted stock to raise any capital. We do not have any registered free trading shares to sell to investors to raise capital. Thus, OTHM has not diluted the company for the purpose of raising capital. If there are long-term investors who seek to change their positions and investment strategy, or, begin to mitigate their risk by bringing their own shares into the market, as long as it is lawful, we cannot prevent it.

        Jason, this is where we are. The money we seek to raise… need to raise, cannot purely be raised in the market at this juncture. We hate where the share price is because we are shareholders too. So what we do is stick to our business plan, operate mean and lean and look for the right opportunity to raise real capital; an investment size that would be beneficial to us all.

        Team Oriens

      • Stephen Ponter says:

        Ken, et al,

        You mention …”we are grinding in the most difficult, manipulated….market of all the public platforms.” Is there any effort being put forth to become an SEC reporting company, and move to a more stable stock market?

        Thank you for all your work, I truly believe you are heading in the right direction.


      • Mr. Ponter,

        When the time is right, we will go in that direction. Soon we will demonstrate that our lofty goals were attainable and not just a part of our imagination. Once we hit our bench marks, Oriens will pursue the auditing process.

        Thank you.

        Team Oriens.

      • mike says:

        When are we going to get updates on the funding and raising of capital? Is the share structure of the company increasing in your next update?
        When will we see the next update?

      • Mr. Wright,

        We can only provide updates on sensitive matters such as funding/capital raises related to pending opportunities when such is justified. Please be mindful that some of our information is now becoming intertwined with other groups/firms that may or may not be public, or, simply wish for us to keep a low profile. Nonetheless, we will find a way to economically provide shareholders updates via local wires on matters of corporate structure, audits, etc.

        With that said, we assure you that we are working diligently and expect that news of real substance will soon begin to cross to everyone’s delight. As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

        Team Oriens

      • Mr. Wright,

        We can only provide updates on sensitive matters such as funding/capital raises related to pending opportunities when such is justified. Please be mindful that some of our information is now becoming intertwined with other groups/firms that may or may not be public, or, may simply wish for us to keep a low profile. Nonetheless, we will find a way to economically provide shareholders updates via local wires about corporate structure, audits, etc.

        With that, we will continue to work hard and do expect that news of real substance and value will be soon forthcoming and delightful to shareholders. As always, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support.

        Team Oriens


    • Only $5k?

      Channel J.P. Morgan Mr. Goose… channel J.P. Morgan!

      Mr. Goose, we are sure that a man in your position wouldn’t waste his time commenting here if you thought us to be nothing more than an empty shell.

      No. We are not just an “empty shell of a company with no TRUE VALUE.” Yet still, we are not the Marriott – far far far from it.

      What we are is a developing company which owns a proprietary technology and system which effectively drives traffic to hotels online with greater efficiency for far less. Of course, the fact is, without lots of marketing capital, we’d be fooling ourselves to think we could compete with the Expedias of the world. So we didn’t try.

      We took advantage of a slump in the real estate market a few years back. Boutique hotels where loosing their flags (Marriott, Hilton, etc) – dropping like flies. We came in with a competitive offering at a fraction of the cost. In fact, any cheaper, we would have been giving it away. But this was done to prove that despite the fact the HotelPURE brand was younger than a new born, Oriens had the wherewithal to brand, manage and market boutique properties anywhere in the world just as well as the Hiltons, without crushing the property owner.

      Fact is Mr. Goose…, we got lucky. If not for the initial financial slump a few years back, indeed, we would have likely been nothing more than an “empty shell of a company with no TRUE VALUE.” But here we are Mr. Goose. A company that has flagged over 50 properties over the past 3 years, has gotten significant recognition from the online booking engine community for our FROL internet booking engine system, and, we were just recently tapped to provide internet booking and marketing services to a well noted real estate developer – our seventh property with them in fact.

      So as you ask why should you spend $5k? Again we ask…, Only $5k?

      Now, we also have our feet firmly planted on the ground. We are a pink sheet company with a yield sign. We trade in the sub-penny range. Our financials are in no way attractive. But Sam Walton did not begin as “The SAM WALTON.” Bill Gross sat in the same chair you’re sitting in right now and asked himself, should I invest in this little company. He concluded NO. Obviously, his conclusion was wrong.

      We cannot tell you to invest or not to invest $5k or $5. We can only tell you the facts. The primary fact being, despite what you see on the exterior, our worth – while yet to be quantified by “the market professionals” – is immeasurable. So if you want to know what to do, do as Bill Gross now does when considering an investment and ‘channel’ J.P. Morgan.
      Bill Gross’ Lesson Learned: Character Trumps Flash
      Choosing flash over substance led Bill Gross, founder and co-CIO of bond company PIMCO, to say “pass” to two of the best investments in US history and give a thumb’s-up to a major flop. Now, to avoid a repeat of either situation, he keeps a picture of the legendary banker J.P. Morgan on his wall. Morgan had told Congress once, that “Lending is not based on money or property,” said Gross.
      The first decision of learned lessons was when he turned down Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger for a $10 million loan for their company Berkshire Hathaway in 1975.

      “It seemed like a funny company,” said Gross. He made his decision based on the exteriors of their assets—a dilapidated industrial complex in the Northeast, a See’s candy store, Blue Chip Stamps, but not much else.”

      Although PIMCO didn’t make the loan to those unassuming Midwesterners who eventually became among the world’s wealthiest men, Pacific Mutual, which owned PIMCO, did.

      About a week later, Gross met Sam Walton, who was looking to expand his young general store operation to Ohio and Iowa.

      “The two sons and Sam would drive me around town and show me the Wal-Mart , all the while with their dog named Dan. They’d yell, ‘Git ‘em, Dan, git ‘em, Dan,’ when a dog or cat would cross the street.” Gross turned the Waltons down, too, based on appearances, he said.

      Shortly thereafter, Gross agreed to loan money to a new company called Itel, not Intel, a San Francisco rail car leaser, which had a plush office 30 floors up with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. “I said, ‘Now this is a company. Carpets, secretaries, rail cars that you can touch and feel, and the steel,” Gross explained. “So the loan was made, $5 million to Itel, and six months later the company was bankrupt.”

      So whenever Gross is considering a decision, he looks at that picture of Morgan.
      Team Oriens

      • Steve says:

        Team O,

        You could not have stated this more eloquently. The one, overpowering, undertone to this message (and others), is the undeniable honesty you exude. I read your blog pages over and over, and there is nothing misleading or pretentious about your stance on your company, and your business plans. This alone garners my respect for Ken and his management abilities.

        This company blog is turning into the conduit for shareholder/investor information, honest information, that you intended it to be.

        Thank you.

  7. Jason says:

    Was wondering if you were aware of the massive volume on your stock after your press release yesterday and the LACK of share price movement. We saw a trade go through for 22 million shares that matched the amount from a filing in May as was wondering what the future share structure plans are and what the current O/S is and Float.

    • Jason,

      There is no denying the stock did trade much higher volumes than usual with minimal price appreciation. Unfortunately, we do not make a practice of speaking to market related matters (stock price, volume, etc.) as we have no control over such events. What we can control however, is our constructive efforts in building our company; leading too many great upcoming events, such as that which allowed for us to release a solid [we believe] piece of news on Friday (6/21/13).

      As of today, we do not have any future plans for the capital structure. Our focus is purely on operations. The float and OS can be found on the OTC Markets site.

      Team Oriens

  8. Will says:

    Please update, bring this company’s filings current, run this business like it should be!

    • Will,

      The fact that we are not a ‘Current Status’ company on the OTC Markets in no way reflects if we are running our business as “it should be.” Especially when filing disclosures is an option for Non-Reporting Pinksheet companies. At this point in time, our focus is where is should be… on the fundamental development and operation of Oriens. This is something we believe we are doing well with and hope that it will soon be reflected in the market place. Our strong belief of our effort however does not negate that we need to put our company in a more favorable position from a market perspective. So your point of bringing the company’s filings current is still well taken. This is something we do intend to handle [in major way] in the upcoming months.

      Thank you for commenting.

      Team Oriens

      • Mark Bolton says:


        In yesterdays trading I observed what appeared to be a 5% acquisition in the amount of 22,280,711 shares. I checked with the SEC, probably too soon to show up, and did not find the filing. Please confirm this was a 5% acquisition and the name of the reporting person. I am long OTHM, rarely ever with ANY penny stock do I go long, so I would like to try and have accurate information. FYI, you seem to be running Oriens just fine!


      • Mr. Bolton,

        Thank you for the compliment. We can always do much better and will aspire to do so. As it refers your question about the shares and acquisition we are not sure entirely what you are asking. At this moment, there has been no significant capital raise to reflect a 5% acquisition of our shares. Is this what you’re asking? If not, we apologize for the deficiency in our response. Would you please be kind enough to clarify your question.

        Otherwise, thank you again for being a supporter of Oriens.

        Team Oriens

  9. Stephen Ponter says:

    I received your email about the June 20th 2013 news release…Thank you. !!! Hopefully others will sign up !!

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